Why We Love Swag.com

Swag simplifies the buying and distribution of swag for 1000s of companies. They offer only products that people actually want to keep. Online ordering is easy and they can store your swag or send to one address or 1000s at once.

  • The only turnkey SaaS solution for corporate America’s swag buying needs
  • Customers include: Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Netflix and Amazon
  • Swag-in-a-Box and online swag ‘closet’: Order, manage and distribute your swag inventory from one central portal
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An office chair.

Why We Love All33

Executive Council CEO, Bob Johnston, uses this chair at his desk and has this to say: “Several years ago, I decided to invest money in one of those high-end office chairs that we all read about. It did not help me feel better at the end of the work day. Luckily, I came across Dr. Colonello and his practice. The chair he developed is half the cost of the other chair I bought and my back feels much better. The All33 chair has proven time and again to leave no traces in my body of long sitting.”

  • Founded by Dr. Dennis Colonello, a world-renowned chiropractor with over 35 years of experience
  • Based in Beverly Hills, Dennis is currently the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Clippers
  • In addition, he treats a who’s who list of Hollywood celebrities and world-class athletes
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Why We Love Hyperice

Hyperice is dedicated to helping people move better, live better, and be better. This award-winning fitness technology company got their start helping professional athletes recover faster and perform better. Today, they are global leaders in vibration, percussion, compression, and thermal technology designed to optimize your body and boost your wellness.

  • Look for their tech everywhere from NBA courts to Equinox, Nike HQ, and as part of the Best Buy Connected Health product suite
  • Combat sore muscles from sitting, traveling, and stress and maximize your recovery after workouts
  • Get a next-level wellness experience with the Hypervolt percussive therapy, vibrating Vyper 2.0 roller, Normatec compression massage, and more
Image of person using the Hypervolt massager on their forearm.