Institutional Investor Lunch

October 11, 2017
New York City
Yuri Aguiar, Director of Innovation and Transformation, The Ogilvy Group

Yuri Aguiar is the Head of Innovation and Transformation at The Ogilvy Group, the most senior leadership position in the company focused on helping their global corporate clients innovate and transform their businesses by leveraging technology and innovation.. Prior to this position, Yuri was the Strategic Portfolio Director on the leadership team at WPP Coretech. In this role, he built a portfolio of global technology investments, working with Ogilvy’s Operating Group CIOs to manage these technology investments and delivery across businesses. Yuri also served as CIO of Ogilvy worldwide for six years and CTO of Ogilvy worldwide for five years, running concurrently. Over his 18-year stint as a global leader in business technology, he prides himself in leading teams of independent thinkers that challenge the status quo. Yuri also has a Masters in Digital Marketing.

This lunch is strictly limited to 20 attendees – you must be an portfolio manager, analyst or related title to attend.

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