11:00 am

Registration, Coffee & Networking

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12:00 pm


Karen Ignagni, CEO, EmblemHealth

The Founder's Code: What it takes to be a transformative and innovative Founder / CEO and how to motivate and scale your organization, regardless of size.

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12:20 pm

Fireside Chat

Donato Tramuto, CEO, Tivity Health

Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO, Wellthy (moderator)

What will the CEO of the future look like? Leadership is not just about meeting financial expectations, it's also about leading a company with compassion and purpose – wise business leaders understand that a strong culture of employee acceptance is essential to a productive, fruitful and resilient business. Further, more and more CEOs agree that a philanthropic mentality that fosters a workplace where equity and respect are evident, will reap great rewards for investors, employees and the community. 

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12:40 pm

Roundtable: Beyond On-Demand


Katherine Ryder, CEO, Maven

Chaim Indig, CEO, Phreesia

Jay Parkinson, Founder, Sherpaa

Samer Hamadeh, CEO, Zeel

Derek Flanzreich, CEO, Greatist

Scott Styles, Managing Director, FTI Consulting (Moderator)

Health represents the second fastest growing on-demand segment. And, consumers aren't the only ones getting in on the action. The B2B on-demand side of healthcare is also growing rapidly. Positive trends ranging from government-mandated change and attractive economics to technology maturation and cultural adoption are leading to exciting (and highly profitable) emerging care models. This session will explore the evolving business models in the on-demand arena, including:

  • Primary Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Consumables
  • Fitness & Wellness
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1:20 pm

Roundtable: The View from Big Pharma


Sree Kant, Head of External Partnering, Pfizer

Bob Silverman, Head of PHC Strategy, Roche

Clark Golestani, President, Emerging Business, and retired Global CIO, Merck

Randy Sunberg, Partner, Morgan Lewis (Moderator)

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • Working with an informed consumer
  • The ‘retail mindset’ transforming healthcare
  • How big pharma partners with startups
  • What are the new and innovative technologies that are appealing to big pharma
  • How has pharma’s partnership strategy evolved over time?
  • What does Pharma care about most while looking at early stage investments? How do they evaluate/value these?
  • What are the different approaches from Pharma in early stage partnering?
  • Where do you start when trying to partner with/sell to pharma as a digital health start-up
  • What are the things you MUST know and have built into your platform to sell to pharma
  • What are the key differences in selling to different constituencies within pharma (i.e.. R&D, clinical, regulatory, commercial)
  • What about selling/partnering internationally and not just in the US?
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2:00 pm

Roundtable: The Investment Scene – What it Takes to Raise Money in this Environment

Raising Money, Valuations & Identifying Winners – The Investors' Perspective

Gregg Michaelson, Partner, Edison Ventures

Adam Dakin, Partner, DreamIt Ventures

Michael Greeley, Partner, Flare Capital 

Stacey Seltzer, Partner, Aisling Capital

Evan Smith, Managing Director, FTI Consulting (Moderator)

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2:40 pm

Networking Break

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3:00 pm

Fireside Chat

Eric Marcotulli, CEO, Elysium Health

Robert Johnston, CEO, Executive Council (Moderator)

Building a company from the ground up is hugely difficult (as every founder knows). And, truly disruptive models simply can't exist in the traditional healthcare constructs. In the "Wellness" category, there are dozens and dozens of companies pursuing prevention and proactivity. Elysium stands way out from the crowd. We'l dig into some of the research around aging, why Elysium (and some others) are different and take a closer look at healthspan as a meaningful measure. Also, many major pharma companies are shuttering their Alzheimer's and other drug development efforts in this genre. What does this mean for companies like Elysium?

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3:20 pm

Roundtable – Life Sciences

The public and private investment required to build a proper Life Sciences ecosystem in NYC

Michael Aberman, CEO, Quentis

Ed Rosen, CEO, Elucida Oncology

Doug Thiede, SVP Life Sciences & Healthcare, New York City Economic Development Corporation

Mark Sodano, Managing Partner, Tri-State Life Sciences Practice Leader, Deloitte (Moderator)

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4:00 pm

Roundtable: Here it Comes – The AI & Machine Learning Juggernaut has Just Begun


Sundeep Bhan, CEO, Prognos

Dr. Thomas Fuchs, CEO, PAIGE.ai

Adam Hanina, CEO, AiCure

Fred Nazem, CEO, Rejuvenan

Alex Bisignano CEO, Phosphorous

Peter Micca, Partner, Deloitte (Moderator)

All facets of healthcare are being massively disrupted by AI and machine learning. The patient journey at home, in the waiting room, at the point of care and even billing and follow up are all areas that are feeling the innovative weight of AI and machine learning. Among other topics, this session will cover the innovative Data, AI and machine learning innovations taking place across:

  • Disease Prediction
  • Patient Monitoring
  • AI in Pathology
  • Correlating data across blood tests, devices and drugs
  • Advanced genetics testing
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4:30 pm


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