By Bob Johnston
April 7, 2021

Energy for Success - Dr. Barry Morguelan Part II

In Part II of my conversation with Dr. Barry Morguelan, we provide you with a short, instructional video that has a number of simple exercises you can do at home to increase your energy levels (using me as the guinea pig).

With demanding schedules and hectic lives, we all want more energy. In this podcast, Dr. Barry Morguelan explains how we can tap into Source Energy and increase our awareness and productivity.

We also cover Dr. B’s four categories of human behavior, which revolves around people who either add to your energy or deplete it. For me, I can now spot who in my life falls into which category and this has allowed me to set boundaries, when needed.

The techniques shown in the video can be done anywhere and anytime – before or during a Zoom or face-to-face (remember them?) meeting, before a big presentation…or even before your mother-in-law comes for a visit. They are meant to add buoyancy to your life without the mumbo jumbo. Just straight up, simple exercises that make you feel more energetic in the moment and throughout the day.

About Energy for Success and Dr. B.

Energy for Success offers a simple, practical solution that eliminates stress and anxiety while promoting clarity, peace, and authentic connection.

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology, Dr. B scoured the planet for the world’s most practical and effective systems of healing, well-being, and personal success.

Following a harrowing 30 year apprenticeship under the guardianship of a powerful sage deep in the mountains of China, Energy For Success presents an ancient tradition of personal energy mastery reimagined and adapted for the modern world by its only western Grand Master.

Dr. B proves we can feel younger as we age. We are in control of our lives and happiness, and his practice will get us to our destination. Hit play to listen as we discuss the obstacles Dr. B faced while learning this methodology in China and how he ultimately became one of only seven living Grandmasters.

Dr. B is offering you, our listeners, access to his programs through a special URL:

This intensive program addresses all areas of your life and includes a set of very simple, fast, easy to adapt practices you can use in daily life. Regain balance and reclaim your mind from whatever distractions and problems and stay calm and focused in the face of life’s challenges. Remember, a calm mind is a brilliant mind. This program is more hands-on including facilitator calls & more!

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It's all about setting up boundaries.
On why these techniques are ideal in a corporate environment
The yin-yang symbol shows both sides.
On how positive and negative energies both equally impact our lives

0:12 This is a great technique to use as an executive meeting with your team or board!

It works because it’s your body

Your body is made to do these practices

Grandmaster taught technology - you would like everyone to be agreeable

4 types of people:

Category 1 = Win-win people want everyone to succeed

Category 2 = Majority of people want to do good but sometimes they are off - they want to fix it though

6:15 All about setting up boundaries

Heart and soul may not be in it

Category 3 = will always be right when you are wrong (win-lose)

Category 4 = win-lose people who believe if you have something they can take from you, they will take it 

8:57 Start by taking a deep breath

Take hands and reach up high - take a deep breath

Can be done anywhere - at your desk, outside, etc.

Reach up higher - take a deeper breath

Keep reaching and taking deeper breaths

Push one hand against the other - exhale

Switch hands - take a deep breath

Let hands slowly come down

10:48 You won’t believe how wonderful your body will feel when you get slower

This technique allows you to push the energy out of your body 

You’re able to identify which person you are talking to

13:50 You can do this in the restroom or hall

Take the energy up and push it down

Feel it, don’t just pretend

Allow the energy to flow

17:20 You’re pushing through your center of who you are

Who you are is so much bigger than the body you hold 

You have so much more power with these exercises

Hold energy over belly button for a second

There’s a central channel that’s been studied for 5,000 years 

After the practice - make a goal!

19:30 Everyone tries to have a positive attitude

These practices allow you to feel more positive

21:10 The yin-yang symbol shows both sides

You may have struggles and challenges that encourage you to do better

You’re your own doctor, your own guru, your own meditation teacher - go out and make your contribution

Every snowflake is unique 

23:00 What if your life was something that pulled you into it rather than having to push your way?