An Executive Council/NYVCA Event

Top Investment Opportunities

from NY’s Digital Health & Biotechnology Community

April 26th, 2017 | New York City

1pm - 6pm | Microsoft Technology Center


12:55 pm

Welcome Remarks

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1:00 pm
1:45 pm

Keynote Double Header – How Bulldozer Moments Can Lead to Success: Insights for Startup Growth | The Massive Disruption and (BIG) Play in Telemedicine

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1:45 pm
2:30 pm

Roundtable | On-Demand Access to Content and Services – What You Need to Know, Now

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • How the fusion of services and technology are giving us all the ability to react in real-time, providing consistent care / routines and transparency for families
  • Address big problem of lack of access to care / lack of knowledge when sick / overuse of emergency room
  • On-demand access to answers and guidance
  • How closing gaps in care is achieved by leveraging technology
  • Women as the primary healthcare consumer/ Chief Medical Officer of her home
  • Telemedicine & milliennials — the younger generation is driving adoption of digital healthcare
  • What Maternity Management 2.0 looks like for employers & payors
  • How can we view quality from an objective data standpoint?
  • How to broaden access and speed up access to care through virtual settings
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2:30 pm
2:50 pm

Fireside Chat | The Empowered Consumer – Striking the Right Balance Between Consumers vs. Patients

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2:50 pm
3:30 pm

Networking Break & Company Presentations

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3:30 pm
4:15 pm

Roundtable | Pharma Weighs In – Tech Innovations & How to Partner

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • Working with an informed consumer
  • The ‘retail mindset’ transforming healthcare
  • How big pharma partners with startups
  • What are the new and innovative technologies that are appealing to big pharma
  • How has pharma’s partnership strategy evolved over time?
  • What does Pharma care about most while looking at early stage investments? How do they evaluate/value these?
  • What are the different approaches from Pharma in early stage partnering?
  • How can pharma and academia work better together?
  • Where do you start when trying to partner with/sell to pharma as a digital health start-up
  • What are the things you MUST know and have built into your platform to sell to pharma
  • What are the key differences in selling to different constituencies within pharma (i.e.. R&D, clinical, regulatory, commercial)
  • What about selling/partnering internationally and not just in the US?
  • Name some specific lessons learned from selling into pharma?
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4:15 pm
4:35 pm

Fireside Chat | The Power of SaaS in Healthcare Startups

Among other topics, this session will cover the following:

  • One advantage of cloud-based SaaS applications is the ability to perform data mining across large and often disperse caches of data.  With concerns about HIPAA and data security, however, healthcare organizations are notoriously protective of their data.  Are we moving towards greater data liberalization in healthcare?  What opportunities does this create for startups?
  • Healthcare startups often must navigate the tangled web of reimbursement where those that benefit from a product or service are often not the ones that pay.  SaaS models are often a great way to better tie service delivery to existing reimbursements. But, how does that dynamic change in light of bundled payments?
  • How well does a SaaS model align with trends in consumer directed healthcare?
  • Medidata has a front row seat to some of the most cutting edge life sciences innovations currently in clinical trials.  What trends are you seeing?  What has you most excited?
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4:35 pm
5:15 pm

Roundtable | The Five C’s: Consumerism, Convergence, Consolidation, Compliance, Cost

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • The Five C’s and their impact on the industry: consumerism, convergence, consolidation, compliance, cost
  • Using platforms to quickly and precisely match patients with resources (in-person, tele-therapy, etc.)How to improve outcomes and lower system costs (no, really)
  • Adjusting care on the fly by leveraging adaptive learning
  • EMR access in real-time
  • What are the right metrics to track vis a vis outcomes, decreased costs and better adherence?
  • How do we use business design and technology to rethink our existing healthcare system to better and more efficiently support families?
  • What do we need to start building or thinking about now to ready our country for the massive aging and chronically ill populations we’re already starting to see and will only increase over the next 5-10 years?
  • How do analytics help connect providers to measure quality?
  • How can platforms ensure buy-in and align incentives? What is the back-end benefit?
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5:15 pm
6:15 pm

Company Presentations & Reception

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1:00 pm
1:20 pm

Keynote: Fintech by the Numbers

Join us as we set the stage for Fintech Rising 2017 by covering how fintech has performed in 2017 and key fintech trends to keep an eye on. The opening keynote will digest trends in a number of the most promising fintech sectors, including blockchain, ICOs, online lending, insurtech, regtech, capital markets tech and wealth tech.

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Donato Tramuto

CEO, Tivity Health

Jason Gorevic

CEO, Teladoc

Bob Silverman

PHC Business Strategy & Partnering, Diagnostics, Roche

Gil Addo

Co-founder & CEO, RubiconMD

Artem Petakov

Co-founder & President, Noom

Arun Gupta

Founder & CEO, Quartet

Cynthia Irons

CMO, Zeel

Ramu Kannan


Hesky Kutscher

Founder & CEO, CareDox

Ron Vianu

Founder & CEO, Spreemo

Lindsay Jurist-Rosner

Co-Founder & CEO, Wellthy

Peter Micca

Managing Partner, National Healthtech Practice Leader, Deloitte

Gaspard de Dreuzy

Co-founder & CEO, Pager

Katherine Ryder

Founder & CEO, Maven

Emilio Ragosa

Partner, Morgan Lewis

Jeff Margolis

Chairman and CEO, Welltok

Moe Rinkunas

Platform Director, Dreamit

Kimberly Ha

Senior Director, FTI Consulting

Sree Kant

Head of Strategy and Partnering Initiatives - External Science & Innovation, Pfizer

Tom Kottler

CEO, HealthPrize

Peter M. Fleischut

Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Medical Operating Officer, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Jason Gorevic



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