Fireside Chat | The Power of SaaS in Healthcare Startups

Among other topics, this session will cover the following:

  • One advantage of cloud-based SaaS applications is the ability to perform data mining across large and often disperse caches of data.  With concerns about HIPAA and data security, however, healthcare organizations are notoriously protective of their data.  Are we moving towards greater data liberalization in healthcare?  What opportunities does this create for startups?
  • Healthcare startups often must navigate the tangled web of reimbursement where those that benefit from a product or service are often not the ones that pay.  SaaS models are often a great way to better tie service delivery to existing reimbursements. But, how does that dynamic change in light of bundled payments?
  • How well does a SaaS model align with trends in consumer directed healthcare?
  • Medidata has a front row seat to some of the most cutting edge life sciences innovations currently in clinical trials.  What trends are you seeing?  What has you most excited?