Roundtable: Here it Comes – The AI & Machine Learning Juggernaut has Just Begun


Sundeep Bhan, CEO, Prognos

Dr. Thomas Fuchs, CEO,

Adam Hanina, CEO, AiCure

Fred Nazem, CEO, Rejuvenan

Alex Bisignano CEO, Phosphorous

Peter Micca, Partner, Deloitte (Moderator)

All facets of healthcare are being massively disrupted by AI and machine learning. The patient journey at home, in the waiting room, at the point of care and even billing and follow up are all areas that are feeling the innovative weight of AI and machine learning. Among other topics, this session will cover the innovative Data, AI and machine learning innovations taking place across:

  • Disease Prediction
  • Patient Monitoring
  • AI in Pathology
  • Correlating data across blood tests, devices and drugs
  • Advanced genetics testing