Roundtable | On-Demand Access to Content and Services – What You Need to Know, Now

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • How the fusion of services and technology are giving us all the ability to react in real-time, providing consistent care / routines and transparency for families
  • Address big problem of lack of access to care / lack of knowledge when sick / overuse of emergency room
  • On-demand access to answers and guidance
  • How closing gaps in care is achieved by leveraging technology
  • Women as the primary healthcare consumer/ Chief Medical Officer of her home
  • Telemedicine & milliennials — the younger generation is driving adoption of digital healthcare
  • What Maternity Management 2.0 looks like for employers & payors
  • How can we view quality from an objective data standpoint?
  • How to broaden access and speed up access to care through virtual settings