Roundtable | Pharma Weighs In – Tech Innovations & How to Partner

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • Working with an informed consumer
  • The ‘retail mindset’ transforming healthcare
  • How big pharma partners with startups
  • What are the new and innovative technologies that are appealing to big pharma
  • How has pharma’s partnership strategy evolved over time?
  • What does Pharma care about most while looking at early stage investments? How do they evaluate/value these?
  • What are the different approaches from Pharma in early stage partnering?
  • How can pharma and academia work better together?
  • Where do you start when trying to partner with/sell to pharma as a digital health start-up
  • What are the things you MUST know and have built into your platform to sell to pharma
  • What are the key differences in selling to different constituencies within pharma (i.e.. R&D, clinical, regulatory, commercial)
  • What about selling/partnering internationally and not just in the US?
  • Name some specific lessons learned from selling into pharma?