Roundtable: Regulation A+ The Democratization of Capitalism


The JOBS Act makes it simpler for entrepreneurs to raise capital. A key portion of the JOBS Act is Regulation A+. Effective June 19th, A+ could have a dramatic impact on the number of small IPO’s in the United States and could impact the capital markets overall. It offers great allure for growth companies seeking capital.

This panel session will provide an overview of how REg. A+ works and what it means financing growth companies:

Topics Covered:

  • Investor Impact. From friends/family to institutions: the impact and benefits of Reg A+
  • Reg A vs. Reg D vs. Reg A+.  An overview of the primary SEC regulations
  • IPO’s in America.  Reg A impact on the future of IPO’s in the US
  • Market Structure. Flash Crash and High Frequency trading vs. long term investing