Roundtable | The Five C’s: Consumerism, Convergence, Consolidation, Compliance, Cost

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • The Five C’s and their impact on the industry: consumerism, convergence, consolidation, compliance, cost
  • Using platforms to quickly and precisely match patients with resources (in-person, tele-therapy, etc.)How to improve outcomes and lower system costs (no, really)
  • Adjusting care on the fly by leveraging adaptive learning
  • EMR access in real-time
  • What are the right metrics to track vis a vis outcomes, decreased costs and better adherence?
  • How do we use business design and technology to rethink our existing healthcare system to better and more efficiently support families?
  • What do we need to start building or thinking about now to ready our country for the massive aging and chronically ill populations we’re already starting to see and will only increase over the next 5-10 years?
  • How do analytics help connect providers to measure quality?
  • How can platforms ensure buy-in and align incentives? What is the back-end benefit?