Roundtable: The View from Big Pharma


Sree Kant, Head of External Partnering, Pfizer

Bob Silverman, Head of PHC Strategy, Roche

Clark Golestani, President, Emerging Business, and retired Global CIO, Merck

Randy Sunberg, Partner, Morgan Lewis (Moderator)

Among other topics, this session will cover:

  • Working with an informed consumer
  • The ‘retail mindset’ transforming healthcare
  • How big pharma partners with startups
  • What are the new and innovative technologies that are appealing to big pharma
  • How has pharma’s partnership strategy evolved over time?
  • What does Pharma care about most while looking at early stage investments? How do they evaluate/value these?
  • What are the different approaches from Pharma in early stage partnering?
  • Where do you start when trying to partner with/sell to pharma as a digital health start-up
  • What are the things you MUST know and have built into your platform to sell to pharma
  • What are the key differences in selling to different constituencies within pharma (i.e.. R&D, clinical, regulatory, commercial)
  • What about selling/partnering internationally and not just in the US?