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What is The Executive Council?

 For more than a decade, EC has been curating exclusive gatherings for business executives. We bring together a powerful community of thought leaders,
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Cybersecurity in the Enterprise & COVID-19

  • How are attackers trying the exploit the current crisis? Specific examples around spoofing, etc.
  • How does the threat model change when dealing with remote workers?
  • How can an enterprise provide protection to remote workers?
  • How do cyber teams maintain visibility, given the massive amounts of remote working?
  • Learnings in a crisis
  • How can an enterprise use suddenly-remote workers to move towards zero trust and other long term security objectives?
  • Conversations that are happening between c-level management, boards and CISOs
  • What advice should cyber leaders be giving their remote workers right now?
  • Vulnerabilities in the cloud at this time
  • ...and much more.


Off-the-record sessions with business luminaries & industry analysts
  • Curated primarily for:
    Family Offices
    Private Equity Firms
    Venture Capital Firms


Private discussions with local business leaders in key global markets
  • Curated primarily for:
    C-Level in the Enterprise
    Business Development
    Executive Functions


Half-day gatherings focused on top of mind issues across major industry sectors
  • Curated primarily for:
    C-Level in the Enterprise
    Business Development
    Executive Functions


"The format of the Executive Council dinners allows for engaging conversation throughout the evening amongst the attendees and the guest speaker. Learning about the challenges faced by the CIO of such a high-profile organization as the NFL was quite interesting, especially in an intimate setting."
Kahlil Morse, VP of Technology, Citi
"The chance to make new connections and the lively discussion was a true highlight. The speaker provided a unique first-hand look into the world of the NFL, which gave way to an interesting conversation with peers during the Q&A and throughout the evening."
Jesse Wilson, Director of Revenue, Pandora
"I enjoyed the event, it was very well-run and nice to meet a number of peers in the area. I also liked the fact that it was small enough (25-30 people) as to not feel overwhelming. Thanks again for the invite."
Wes Veldman, Director of Business Intelligence, Expedia
"The Executive Council understands the importance of creating a meaningful experience for their guests. Their recent event led to great conversation and new connections I would not have made otherwise."
Aashish Chandarana, SVP, Business Operations, 21st Century Fox
"The private, tailored nature of the Executive Council dinners sets them apart from other events. The speaker was very engaging and touched on key issues. The attendees are all leaders in their field."
Scott Drake, SVP Technology, NBCUniversal
"Networking with fellow professionals in a small, private setting was great. The agenda was just right, with enough time to make meaningful connections over dinner while enjoying the thought-provoking discussion with the speaker."
Tom Maldonado, CISO, Intl. Flavors & Fragrances
"The highlight of the evening was the discussion with the featured speaker.
The Q & A session prompted a candid, meaningful discussion with useful takeaways."
Barry Gilmore, CIO, L’Oreal
"I had a great time networking with fellow professionals. The Council is an excellent way to interact and learn best practices in various aspects of corporate life, given how busy life is today. Thanks for organizing these events."
Bipin Khurana, Controller, Enterprise Channel, Apple
"The Executive Council dinner was a terrific setting and a great way to spend an evening. The people I met are truly peer-level, which is hard to find at these types of events, and the speaker was fantastic.”
Luis Visoso, SVP, Business Technology, Cisco
"It is rare to find top quality events like the Executive Council dinners. The speakers are engaging and the attendees are all leaders in their field. There is a good diversity of industries represented which creates good lateral connections.
I highly recommend attending."
Ben Stefancic, CFO, Gap, Inc.
"The Executive Council dinner was very interesting... I enjoyed the thought-provoking conversation with the guest speaker, meeting the other participants and the intimate setting.”
Lynn Haaland, SVP, Deputy General Counsel,
Global Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, PepsiCo


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